Honest Daily FOREX signals for GBPUSD

GBPTRADE provides accurate fee-based FOREX signals for GBP/USD. Our average monthly profit is about +700 pips/month. Publishing time is 6:00 GMT. Every signal is a GBP/USD pending order. Signals are delivered via WebCabinet, e-mail, software for MS Windows 7,8.

* Limited time offer. For new customers only.


What currency pairs do you trade?

GBP/USD currency pair

When will I get your FOREX signals?

Monday - Friday, 6:00 - 7:00 GMT

What is your average monthly profit?

Depends on market, up to +1100 pips/month

What order types do you use?

"Buy stop" and "Sell stop" pending orders

Can you provide the proof or verification of your profit?

We do not display our transactions and confirmations of orders and we do not show it to the public in order to avoid being ripped off or copied as we wish to maintain confidentiality of our customers and our small secrets of successful trading. There are lots of good reviews and feedbacks about our company in the Internet and there are more than 200 traders who use our services on the daily basis.

How will I recieve your signals?

Via Personal Area, email or software

How can I subscribe to your signals?

You can register on the subscribe page.

What is one month price?

One month is as low as $99.

* Limited time offer. For new customers only.


GBPTRADE offers you our reliable and honest FOREX signals for GBPUSD pair. We’ve been on market for last 6 years working with individual investors as private market consultants. Now we provide our own trading signals for public use. Our average monthly profit is often more than +700 (up to +1100) pips/month. Also we publish our real statistics on the statistics page. One month price is as low as $99.

Although, we study every currency, we focus our work on GBPUSD in particular, because of its quite good predictability and its high enough daily range. The advantage of our private trading system is working with support and resistance levels, with channels and other well-known classical traders tools. Read FAQ


Here are some real examples of our previous FOREX trading signals:

01 Nov 2013: GBPUSD buystop at 1.5945; TP1 at 1.5990, TP2 at 1.6015; SL at 1.5890;

This signal recommends you to place a new Buy Stop order at 1.5945. We also strongly advice you to use Stop Loss order at 1.5890. And depending on your risk-management strategy, you may use one of two suggested Take Profit levels - 1.5990 or 1.6015.

According to our statistics, the price takes TP2 (Take Profit 2) level apprx. in 65% cases.

01 Nov 2013: GBPUSD sellstop at 1.5885; TP1 at 1.5850, TP2 at 1.5825; SL at 1.6045;

It means you should place a new Sell Stop order at 1.5885, Stop Loss at 1.6045 and Take Profit at 1.5850 or 1.5825 according to your strategy. Read more on the How it works page.


If you have any questions, please, feel free to contact us via feedback form at contact page or write us directly at trade@gbptrade.com